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The Wilder Center

The Wilder Center has a rich heritage. The building was used as a church for many years. Lyme Properties purchased the building a few years ago with the intent to restore it and make the space available to the community. It is now used for company banquets, classes, music events, lectures, private parties, and even weddings. The remodeled center is beautiful.

If you are in the area, stop by for a visit.


Charles T. Wilder and his brother Herbert came to the Upper Valley in 1882 to construct the Wilder Brothers Paper Mill, located alongside the Connecticut River at what was then known as “Olcott Falls.” By the early 1890s the mill complex became one of the largest paper producers in New England, and the surrounding village flourished, in no small part due to the vision of the Wilders.

One of Mr. Wilder’s contributions to the community was this building, known as the “The United Church of Christ in Olcott,” constructed from 1888–1890. It became “The First Congregational Church of Wilder” when the village was renamed following the death of Mr. Wilder in 1897. Learn more.

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This beautiful ring begins our story in a small town in Alaska.


Perhaps the designer was inspired by the lovely waters around Alaska.



We found this ladder on the dock at Ketchikan, Alaska. Humorous, unless you must use it!


Getting off the ship at Ketchikan.


The town of Ketchikan offers the tourist every opportunity to spend money. You can buy souvenirs of all kinds, jewelry, and carvings. There are lots of  restaurants. In addition, you can get all kinds of books about the history of the city.


Klassique Jewelers


David talked this gentleman from Klassique Jewelers into designing a lovely necklace for me. Since I didn’t get the expensive ring, I was happy to get the necklace.


I’d highly recommend visiting Ketchikan.  Known for its zip lining, hiking, fishing, and whale and seal watching, it has something to offer for the entire family. Click here to learn more about this beautiful place.



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Dickens the cat greets everyone who comes in the door at A to Z Books in North Platte, Nebraska. Dickens will acknowledge you or ignore you, depending on the weather or your attitude toward cats and books. The day I was there Dickens tolerated the changes in arrangement at the front of the store, allowing us to set up tables and chairs with merely the slightest whine.


Last Spring A to Z Books made space for me to have a book signing at their store. As happens at book signings, I met a lot of nice people and signed a few books. It was especially fun because North Platte is my hometown. And because I became friends with Dickens before the day ended.

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Who reveals Lyza Lane’s secret? Find out how her father reacts to the news that his legacy is in danger. Lyza’s world turns upside down more than once. David stands by Lyza, but is he the man God chose for her? What changes Leesa Lane from the sweet little sister to a no-holds-barred corporate mogul?

Leesa's Story

Her dreams for Kramer’s Island crumble before her eyes. The love of her life rejects her, sending her on a downhill spiral. What tragedy ends Lawrence’s thirty-five years of faithful marriage? Will Cook’s faith remain strong? And what happens when Chuck O’Malley shows up in LA?

For the Kindle version, click here.


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Victorian Architecture

This is where we had our little reunion. I think by the end of the week all of us were in love with the place. There were seven of us, each with plenty of space and delightful rooms. We spent a lot of time in the kitchen and dining areas. Most of the time we were out seeing the sights around Savannah. Everyone loved the wrap around porch.

Vicki Summer 2014 032

Victorian mansions and beautiful flowers were hallmarks of our trip in Georgia. I highly recommend going in early spring because the temperatures are mild and the humidity seems low.

Vicki Summer 2014 030

The architecture and woodwork on the old buildings were splendid.

.Vicki Summer 2014 031

We took lots of pictures of colorful flowers all around town.

Vicki Summer 2014 033

Savannah has done a wonderful job of preserving natural space between neighborhoods, one way streets, and in small squares throughout out the city.

Vicki Summer 2014 035

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Plymouth Notch

Today we are going to take a trip back into history and learn a little bit more about President Calvin Coolidge. When I traveled to Vermont, I tried to see as many historic places as possible. Plymouth Notch was the childhood home of President Coolidge. It is a beautiful place to visit.

Here is a little history on the President.

Born in Plymouth, Vermont, on July 4, 1872, Coolidge was the son of a village storekeeper. He was graduated from Amherst College with honors, and entered law and politics in Northampton, Massachusetts. Slowly, methodically, he went up the political ladder from councilman in Northampton to Governor of Massachusetts, as a Republican. En route he became thoroughly conservative.

At 2:30 on the morning of August 3, 1923, while visiting in Vermont, Calvin Coolidge received word that he was President. By the light of a kerosene lamp, his father, who was a notary public, administered the oath of office as Coolidge placed his hand on the family Bible.

I would recommend visiting the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site in Plymouth Notch. His home, the neighbors houses, the church, and cheese factory have been preserved. It is worth the trip. This link provides information to aid in your travel plans.

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It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich woman like Lyza Lane to be saved. Yet with God all things are possible. Lyza’s billionaire lifestyle leaves no room for religion. She enjoys a meaningless jet-setting existence, keeping busy with L.L. Lane Unlimited, her father’s successful conglomerate, and her mother’s “Save the Orchids” campaign.


Little does Lyza know that her lifelong employee constantly prays for her salvation. Be encouraged as Cook’s humble prayers and service throughout the story illuminate God as He works out His plan in Lyza’s life.

On sale now on Kindle. Learn more.

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Last week I posted an article with the title, “Where in the world is Vicki Andree?” and included this fun photo.


A number of you guessed correctly and a winner was selected.

This picture was taken in Niwot, Colorado. What an interesting place to visit!

The town of Niwot was named for Chief Niwot, an Arapaho leader, whose people were hunting and fishing along the Front Range when the first gold miners arrived in 1858. Niwot, in Arapaho language means “Left Hand’.

Niwot was platted in 1875; two years after the Colorado Central Railroad extended its tracks northeast from Boulder. This expansion provided a significant boost to the local agricultural economy by creating a link to markets as far away as Wyoming and Denver. Click here to learn more.

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I love traveling and visiting other countries. This is an interesting article and I wanted to share it with my readers.

Archaeologists say they’ve uncovered two royal buildings from Israel’s biblical past, including a palace suspected to have belonged to King David.

The findings at Khirbet Qeiyafa — an fortified hilltop city about 19 miles (30 kilometers) southwest of Jerusalem — indicate that David, who defeated Goliath in the Bible, ruled a kingdom with a great political organization, the excavators say. Click here to read more.


It reminds me of the fun I had exploring Jerusalem.

Join two born-again Christians exploring the Old City of Jerusalem without a tour group.

Experience the excitement of discovering the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith. Visit archaeological sites and museums that strengthen our faith. Discover Jewish holidays and learn their significance to Jesus and to us. Read about thriving churches in the Old City. Mingle with citizens of the Old City. Learn how to shop the souk and communicate with vendors. Hear the call of ancient stones from the Holy Land. Worship with us as we meet with God in churches, synagogues, mosques, tombs, tunnels, ramparts, and at the Western Wall. Click here to learn more.

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Visiting Savannah is like an adventure in nature and architecture. Although the two subjects may seem contradictory, in fact, each demands the other to soar above the mundane. Here I see nature being accented by the natural stone an the arch at the entrance of the walk.

Vicki Summer 2014 023

Here is an example of the stark architecture of row houses from decades past.

Vicki Summer 2014 024

Around the same time, two story homes like this display stately affluence. Flowers and trees heighten the beauty of the architecture.

Vicki Summer 2014 025

I found this building especially beautiful. If I could choose an apartment, it would be here. The gold and black lattice accent white stone. A delight to the eyes.

Vicki Summer 2014 026

The tree-lined streets in Savannah in early spring make for a lovely scene. Just driving the city and viewing the immense display of flowers and foliage makes for a pleasant afternoon.

Vicki Summer 2014 027

I found this old Victorian building enchanting. We stayed in the house next to it. Living in the historical section of Savannah for a week made for a memorable vacation. Most everything you want to see is within walking distance, including the Savannah Riverfront. Notice the purple wisteria dangling from the porch roof. Since wisteria blooms for only about two weeks, I felt particularly blessed to have experienced it.

Vicki Summer 2014 028



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