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I hope you are enjoying the month of July. As summer turns to fall, I think of what the new fashions will be for the winter season and what items I should add to my wardrobe, perhaps a new scarf or a sweater

One of my characters in The Lane Trilogy loved fashionable clothing and accessories.

For fun, I thought we would explore the world of fashion today.

The House of Dior was established on 16 December 1946, in “a private house” at 30 Avenue Montaigne Paris B. However, the current Dior corporation celebrates “1947” as the opening year. Dior was financially backed by wealthy businessman Marcel Boussac. The new couture house became a part of “a vertically integrated textile business” already operated by Boussac. Its capital was at FFr 6 million and workforce at 80 employees. Christian Dior appeared on the cover of TIME dated 4 March 1957. The designer soon afterwards died from a third heart attack in 1957.  Click here to learn more of this fascinating history.

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Vicki Andree Books

It has been a while since I have mentioned my website. I recently had it updated with a new look. On the website you can learn more about my books and my family.

I also speak at various groups about my books or a topic of interest to the organization.

Is your congregation interested in learning about Hebraic Roots and what it means
to be grafted into the faith? Vicki Andree is an experienced speaker, teacher
and author. She speaks at, church events, seminars and conferences of any size.
She encourages groups desiring seminars about Jerusalem, Israel, Hebraic roots,
loving God, women’s inspiration, praying and journaling. She leads Passover
Seders, Shabbat evening services, and Torah studies. Click here to learn more.

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Contest Winner Announced


I hosted a contest here at Vicki Andree Books. The winner is Matthew Richards.

Matthew is a photographer with some beautiful photos on his website. I would like to encourage you to hop on over to his site and check out his work.

Matthew, would you please leave a ‘comment’ in the comment section, with your mailing address. I won’t post your information online. I just need a way of mailing your prize to you.

Congratulations and thanks to all who entered.

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On Our Own In Jerusalem

Today’s featured site shows some of the architecture in Jerusalem, narrow pathways, and gardens. I especially enjoyed the potted plants shown in this video. Click here to view.

I remember seeing similar buildings, streets, and plant life when I was in Jerusalem. It is a writer’s dream to visit a city and write about it.

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Zermatt is the greatest tourist town in Switzerland. Where else can you buy a cup of hot chocolate and then walk out into the snow to find a table outside to sit and gaze at the Matterhorn? I found it very pleasant even with snow. The temperatures seemed mild, of course Hot chocolate makes everything better!

The village was “discovered” by mid-nineteenth-century British mountaineers, most notably Edward Whymper, whose conquest of the Matterhorn made the village famous. The Matterhorn was one of the last alpine mountains to be conquered in 1865. The city is focused on controlling air pollution with the majority of vehicles using electric batteries. Click here to learn more.

Now for a Lane Trilogy trivia question. Did one of the characters visit Zermatt and drink hot chocolate outside?

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Holbrook, Arizona

The Petrified Forest is still a National Park with interesting fossils and petrified wood. It is near Holbrook, Arizona and I love all the colors of the desert there.  When I visited as a child, we could step over large petrified logs and sit on petrified stumps.


David and I found out that most of the petrified wood has been taken out of the park, sadly.

However it is with much joy that I also remembered Geronimo’s Trading Post. It’s changed over the years, but still allowed us to purchase some petrified wood, just little pieces.


Petrified wood is expensive!

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I’m hosting a contest here at Vicki Andree Books July 11-17.

Please follow my blog to be entered into the contest. A drawing will be held after the contest to choose the winner. The prize is a copy of my book, The Legacy.

Thank you.

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