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Lyza and me. Lyza Lane had everything a girl could want. She had money, power, good looks and a sister who looked up to her. She lived the kind of life that offered endless opportunities. The world was her oyster.
I, on the other hand, lacked everything a girl could want. Well, not everything, but from the outside one might think so. I had no money and couldn’t get a job that paid a decent salary. I had no power, being the victim of low self esteem for most of my life. I looked like a plain Jane with no self esteem. I had two sisters who ganged up on me every chance they got. Babysitting them turned into a contest of who would survive. My parents would have fainted had they known what happened as they rolled out of the driveway on their way to their square dancing date.
The happy turn around in this situation is that I had something Lyza had no clue about. I had an unshakable faith in the Living God. And that made my life more than bearable, in fact, I felt blessed for most of my life. Thanksgiving Day mirrored any other day because we always gave thanks. The difference was that we had a big meal centered around an unlucky turkey.
Lyza never felt a shred of gratitude for anything. She felt entitled. If she didn’t get what she wanted it when she wanted it, she felt deprived. I felt grateful for anything that came my way. I felt grateful for my family. I felt grateful the day my mother entered the ‘count the bees’ contest at a local appliance store and won an automatic washer.
A relationship with Jesus makes it easy to forgive your two little sisters for beating the salt out of you when you’re supposed to be babysitting them. I’m thankful they didn’t kill me. Lyza resented her little sister because Leesa saw the world through rose colored glasses. Leesa would never beat up on Lyza, but then, Lyza considered Leesa inferior because she wasn’t into making cut-throat deals to increase the corporate bottom line. Of course, there may come a time when Leesa’s scruples disappear. In the beginning Lyza should have been thankful for her sweet sister.
Being thankful doesn’t make you less powerful. In fact, having everything you want handed to you can blind you. It can give you a false sense of security. Lyza knew the world centered around her. Her only inner struggle consisted of a false guilt of always being right.
Knowing my security is in the hands of a faithful God Who loves me gives me peace. Lyza’s security has always been in question.

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Me and Lyza

Lyza kept a few secrets from her twin sister. The thing that disappointed me about her was that the secrets she kept were the big ones. Leesa believed everything Lyza said and assumed Lyza told her everything. I, on the other hand, kept secrets from my sisters and they knew it. Most of the time they knew the secrets, too. Now if that’s not being transparent, I don’t know what is.
Leesa didn’t follow Lyza around like my little sister did; but then, my little sister was four years younger, not eight minutes younger. And we looked very different from each other. Every time Lyza looked in the mirror it reminded her that she had a twin.
Every time I looked in the mirror it reminded me that I was the oldest child, therefore I should lead a perfect life. My siblings were my students and everything I did instructed them in how to make it in this world. One was four years younger and one was five years younger. They thought I knew everything. And really, that was my job. Who knows what would have happened to them if I had not been such a positive example.
My sisters followed me around everywhere I went. It was hard to shake them until I went to grade school. They cried because they couldn’t go with me. As much as they tried to be like me, it would never happen.
Lyza and Leesa always had the good sense to keep their identities properly confined. There was never any of that game twins play, switching identities to fool the world. Never would either of them ever do something so dishonest. They never did it when they were youngsters in middle school. They never did it when it would seem most tempting, in high school. And they never switched identities as adults.
Imagine my shock when it actually happened!

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