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A Rich Legacy

The lovely building pictured below is First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia. The architecture is amazing as is its rich legacy. It is an important site to visit in Savannah.

Vicki Summer 2014 016

First African Baptist Church was organized in 1773 under the leadership of Reverend George Leile. In May of 1775 he was ordained as the pastor and December of 1777 the church was officially constituted as a body of organized believers. Under the leadership of the 3rd Pastor Reverend Andrew C. Marshall, the congregation obtained the property where the present sanctuary stands. Marshall also organized the first black Sunday school in North America and changed the name of the church from “First Colored Baptist” to “First African Baptist”. The sanctuary was completed in 1859 under the direction of the 4th Pastor Reverend William J. Campbell. Click here to learn more.


At the corner of Perry and Bull Streets you will find buildings with these unique downspouts. These are found through the city in the historic areas. For some unknown reason downspouts like these were discontinued. I think they add a touch of art to function. We need more of that in our lives!

Vicki Summer 2014 017

Notice the old telephone booth on the corner? This is on the tourist trolley route. I visited with people sitting at the table outside. They said they live in Savannah and like to sit there and wave at tourists while they enjoy breakfast.

Vicki Summer 2014 018

Just another colorful median in the streets of Savannah.

Vicki Summer 2014 019

A strange woman boarded our tourist trolley and spun tales of mystery and intrigue. She invited us to visit the haunted house on the tour.

Vicki Summer 2014 020

Southern architecture found in Savannah makes for a charming tour. It’s spring and not too hot to enjoy a drink on the front patio.

Vicki Summer 2014 021

Here is a picture of another old building with a lovely wrought iron fence created by fine craftsmen. Notice the details and intricate work. I enjoy traveling and appreciate exceptional handiwork.

Vicki Summer 2014 022

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Vermont Marble Museum

The Vermont Marble Museum is an interesting place to visit. It has been open for over 80 seasons and is located in Proctor, Vermont. Vermont marble has been used for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, sculptors, and in many buildings around the country.

The museum is open May through October 14, seven days a week. It is a good idea to book reservations ahead. Especially if you have a larger group to accommodate. Traveling is fun and cool places like the Vermont Marble Museum tours fill up fast, so plan ahead.

Marble is an important Vermont natural resource! We hope you enjoy our introduction to the exhibit. It’s your connection to the history, science and art of Vermont Marble! We have been presenting the past, present and future of marble, as used in art, as building material and amazing world of everyday uses for more that 20 years! Learn more.

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Who reveals Lyza Lane’s secret? Find out how her father reacts to the news that his legacy is in danger. Lyza’s world turns upside down more than once. David stands by Lyza, but is he the man God chose for her?

Leesa's Story

What changes Leesa Lane from the sweet little sister to a no-holds-barred corporate mogul? Her dreams for Kramer’s Island crumble before her eyes. The love of her life rejects her, sending her on a downhill spiral.

What tragedy ends Lawrence’s thirty-five years of faithful marriage? Will Cook’s faith remain strong? And what happens when Chuck O’Malley shows up in LA?

The Legacy is on Barnes and Noble for your convenience.

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Where Was Vicki Andree?

Where is the location of this photo from last week’s article?



Boulder, Colorado in the Village Shopping Center near 30th and Arapahoe.
This is also sometimes know as the McGuckin’s shopping center and McGuckin’s is in the background. McGuckin’s is a very interesting hardware store with about everything, including knowledgeable sales people and friendly customers.

It all began in 1955 when our company’s namesake, a rugged, avid fisherman named Bill McGuckin, opened the doors of McGuckin Hardware. Employing four people in four departments, his success was based on his belief in personalized service, selection and first-hand experience. Learn more about McGuckin’s here.

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Isaiah 41:10  Fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

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This is the lovely historic district of Savannah. We stayed in this home across the street from Whitefield Square. Every morning we woke to singing birds and a colorful display of flowers and trees.

Vicki Summer 2014 056

This is a side view of the home built in 1896. We very much enjoyed the wrap-around porch.

Vicki Summer 2014 057

And this view of the house is further down, exposing the gate into the patio. There is a grill for cookouts. Above the back door there is another balcony off the second master bedroom. This home is huge!

Vicki Summer 2014 058

Whitefield Square, being just across the street, made us feel like we were more in the country than in the city.

Vicki Summer 2014 055

Every once in awhile a horse-drawn carriage would come by. It gave us a chance to wave at other tourists from our wrap-around porch, southern style.


Vicki Summer 2014 054

We took an afternoon drive to Skidaway Island State Park.

Vicki Summer 2014 050

We saw this church on the way to Skidaway Island. There are many churches in Savannah.

Vicki Summer 2014 053

On the church grounds, just next to the playground, we found this tower. I found the chimes intriguing and wished I could have heard it play a worship song or any call to worship.

Vicki Summer 2014 052













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Lyza's Story: Book One of the Lane Trilogy

It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich woman like Lyza Lane to be saved. Yet with God all things are possible. Lyza’s billionaire lifestyle leaves no room for religion. She enjoys a meaningless jet-setting existence, keeping busy with L.L. Lane Unlimited, her father’s successful conglomerate, and her mother’s “Save the Orchids” campaign. Little does Lyza know that her lifelong employee constantly prays for her salvation. Be encouraged as Cook’s humble prayers and service throughout the story illuminate God as He works out His plan in Lyza’s life.

On Barnes and Noble for your convenience.

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Where in the world is Vicki Andree?


In this case, the sign seems to indicate that you can go East or North, but not West or South. Yet this is someplace in Colorado. Can you guess where?

Let’s have some fun. Please leave your destination replies in the comments section and I’ll post them as they come in.

Answer will be revealed next week.

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Looking Back

I have enjoyed my writing career. I have met many new people, participated in book signings, and spoke to various groups. It is very rewarding.

When I look back, I am amazed at the opportunities God has given me. This picture is from my book launch party and signing at the beginning of this journey. My friend Heather Lavender (on the left) helped out at the signing desk.


The Lane Trilogy has been completed for a while and I am currently working on a new story.


I am grateful for my readers and the opportunity to write for you.

My complete works are found here.


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Romans 15:13  May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

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