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Visiting Savannah is like an adventure in nature and architecture. Although the two subjects may seem contradictory, in fact, each demands the other to soar above the mundane. Here I see nature being accented by the natural stone an the arch at the entrance of the walk.

Vicki Summer 2014 023

Here is an example of the stark architecture of row houses from decades past.

Vicki Summer 2014 024

Around the same time, two story homes like this display stately affluence. Flowers and trees heighten the beauty of the architecture.

Vicki Summer 2014 025

I found this building especially beautiful. If I could choose an apartment, it would be here. The gold and black lattice accent white stone. A delight to the eyes.

Vicki Summer 2014 026

The tree-lined streets in Savannah in early spring make for a lovely scene. Just driving the city and viewing the immense display of flowers and foliage makes for a pleasant afternoon.

Vicki Summer 2014 027

I found this old Victorian building enchanting. We stayed in the house next to it. Living in the historical section of Savannah for a week made for a memorable vacation. Most everything you want to see is within walking distance, including the Savannah Riverfront. Notice the purple wisteria dangling from the porch roof. Since wisteria blooms for only about two weeks, I felt particularly blessed to have experienced it.

Vicki Summer 2014 028



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