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Good Works

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10 NIV).

God prepared good works for us to do before we even knew Him! Christianity now becomes an even more exciting adventure. This verse clearly states that God made us for a reason and that reason is for us to do good things that He designed. In a fallen world, the need for good works is astronomical. Good works can lift people up, brighten a day, or even give someone hope.

Because we can easily get to a place where we see only the evil in the world, it is important to be involved in doing good works. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to bless someone. A smile and hello to someone who looks like they are having a bad day can go a long way. Good works look like this; giving your seat to someone on the bus, baking cookies for the neighborhood children, visiting someone in the hospital or someone who is homebound, giving the neighbor a ride to work, sharing an encouraging video, going to Bible study, the list can go on forever.
One of my goals is to bless someone every day. This is not difficult, in fact, it is so easy that I often get to bless more than one person every day. It can be as simple as yielding to traffic, letting someone in front of you. That’s a pretty cheap way to bless someone and on a heavy traffic day, the person might wave a thank you for helping them out.

At one time I had a lunch ministry. My goal was to have lunch and spend time with at least one person a week. Not only did I get to bless someone in that way, I also was blessed. An hour or two sharing thoughts and ideas can be invigorating. Some of the things I learned have been invaluable. Speaking of gifting someone, a gift can be simply giving them the seat with the best view. They may never know that you gave it to them, but that makes it more of a blessing.

Good works that are the most fun for me are ones I can do without getting discovered. It comes down to an attitude of love and generosity. We can afford to be extremely generous in the sense that God has given us everything we have. He owns everything. Yes, really, it all belongs to Him. Gifts He has given us are many, but they include your time, your intelligence, your speech, your money, your affection, and more. We are rich in the Lord, so go out and share Him. He has gifted us for good works. You can bless someone today!
And what should our attitude be today? There are many good choices, so it may depend on the day. Most days will encompass several of these.

• Joy in walking the path God prepared.
• Love and generosity.
• Putting the needs of others before mine (servant’s heart).
• We are God’s handiwork and perfect just the way we are.
• We have abundantly more than we need.

Most Gracious Heavenly Father, thank You for Your many gifts and blessings. I humbly accept the challenge to do the good works You have planned for me. Direct me to those You want to bless through me. Amen.

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Down and Out?

On Sunday evening, March 11th, I will present a thought provoking message, “Down and Out?” to the congregation at the evening service at Alma Temple. The service begins at 6:00 pm. Beginning at 6:30 pm the message will be on live radio broadcast on KPOF, AM910 and audio streaming via the internet. You are cordially invited to join us. Alma Temple is located at 1340 Sherman Street, half a block from the state capitol building, Denver, Colorado.

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