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“For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others” (Romans 12:4-5 NIV).

In any team sport, the players must exhibit an attitude of team work. Ask any football player about teamwork. The quarterback cannot do everything. He needs protection and he needs a good receiver to take the ball into the end zone. Teamwork is paramount in order to win a game.

I remember attending our basketball games when I was in high school. There was one person that wanted to make all the shots. He got tired and began messing up, but refused to share the ball. Once our team member learned to share the ball, we made more points and won more games.

This attitude of teamwork must exist in the body of Christ. Not everybody is called to preach. We all have different gifts. If someone has the gift of prophecy, then allow them to use that gift to glorify the Lord and don’t condemn them for it. Some people have a servant’s heart. We often depend on them without ever thanking them. God values them for their great sacrifice and humility. We should too.

Some have the gift of teaching, so let them teach. Some people seem to be natural encouragers, something all of us need from time to time. And then some people constantly look for ways to help other people, so let them do it and do it generously. If someone has the gift of leadership, let them lead. And if you know of someone who has the gift of mercy, be blessed and let them do it cheerfully. We must use all of these gifts of God to glorify Him. Our generous God has given most of us more than one gift. Don’t value one gift more than another and only use that gift.

Your church may be like my high school basketball team. You may be gifted in the area of leadership, but another person gets asked to organize every event. They are great at it too ― until they get burned out or overloaded. Perhaps you will have to sit on the bench for a while, willing to go in when needed. The team members on the bench are members of the same team and their availability is key to the success of the team. You may find that after you have been faithful in small things, when called in to substitute, you will be playing more and more often.
The very idea that God has gifted each of us so that we are equipped to work hand-in-hand with Him to further His kingdom is incredible! He is the leader; we are each part of the team.

You may be jealous of another person’s gift. Drop that attitude immediately. Jealousy is sin. Condemning another teammate is the same thing as undermining the game. As one member of God’s team, we ought to do everything we can to support the team. That means cultivating an attitude of teamwork with our fellow believers. Cheer them on and discover ways we can use them to further God’s Kingdom. When you discover your own special gift from God, add it to the resources used to glorify God.

Father God, I praise and thank You for the many gifts You have bestowed upon us for the sake of the Kingdom. Help me find my own gift so that I can contribute to the team. If necessary, grant me patience to wait in reserve. Those who wait on the Lord also glorify Him. Thank You for giving us each other. Amen.

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