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Temple Mount

In front of the sealed Hulda Gates

The picture shows David and me standing on the southern wall of the Temple Mount in front of the sealed Hulda Gates. Worshippers entered the Temple Mount through these gates in the time of Jesus. During the feasts hundreds of thousands of believers would walk through these gates. Imagine yourself holding your dove offering, surrounded by thousands with their offerings of doves and lambs, climbing the bedrock steps, trying to pass through those Hulda Gates onto the expanse of the Temple Mount. These bedrock steps touched the sandals of Jesus as He entered the Temple. The noise and confusion of swarms of humanity increase my own anticipation. Soon I stand in front of the altar presenting my small offering as an expression of gratitude to God for His provision. This is my act of obedience to my King.

I marvel that twenty centuries later our own footprints mingle with the past as David I stand on those very bedrock steps. As a twelve year old I remember reading a history book from my Dad’s bookcase, unfortunately I don’t remember the title of the book. I remember reading the commentary regarding the Temple Mount, in particular, the Dome of the Rock. I still see the black and white photo of the top of a large rock surrounded by a wooden fence inside a large round building. Try as I might I couldn’t figure out the importance of the rock.

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