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Early baseball game this morning with Ian vs. eight kids!

The conference allows each church represented to showcase their choir.

The church is filled with worshippers this morning. It’s very hot, but everyone is happy. There is so much singing that you can’t help but feel close to Heaven!

Mussa presents Joey with a wooden scooping spoon. A gift from Malawi.

David is presented with Malawi textiles used for skirts.

African gifts from the congregation.

Group picture of the conference attendees.

Good-bye Malawi and hello USA! We leave in the morning.

It was the longest church service so far. All the different choirs sang and danced. After I preached on the Faith Hall of Fame, Pastor Chilemba asked me to anoint six new pastors. What an honor. I asked them three times if they would feed Jesus’ sheep. Afterward I anointed each one of them and David gave them a bottle of anointing oil.

Pastor then asked us to anoint four new assistant pastors, two of which were women. They will be assistant to Pastor Philip Chilemba, Pastor’s son. He then announced that they were going to have women pastors ‘like Pastor Vicki.’ So these women will eventually have their own churches. One of them was in the first bible class here two years ago, Grace. The other woman was Pastor and translator Abraham’s wife, Anna. David anointed their hands to serve and glorify the Lord. It really was a moving service.

Next it was time to have the grand opening of the ‘new big church’ ribbon cutting. The Americans who made this possible were acknowledged, and I cut the ribbon representing all of you. Thank you so much for letting the Lord work through you. This has been an incredible journey and I wish all of you could be here with us.

After another group picture, this one a conference group picture, we left as the praise team was playing another worship song. We had our usual chicken for lunch, with beef offered as a side. No one ate the beef today, just couldn’t do it.

We’re back at the hotel packing and deciding what to take and what to leave for the Bible School next year. Pastor will pick us in the morning and we’ll head to Blantyre, have lunch and maybe get to shop a little, then off to the airport. See you soon!

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