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Passing an oxcart on the way to church.

We are excited to get to church and begin the day. David preaches first thing, but only after a lot of music and dancing. Everyone is so joyful here. Many people have come for the conference; there are campfires and cooking fires all around the church.

Pastor Chilemba takes us to his house before church to show us the cow he bought earlier this morning. Later we are served beef for lunch. Liver! Hard to eat 😦

Women’s choir performs.

Pastor Abraham translates for David this morning. David introduced the Paul and Silas skit and talked about the conference theme, Our God Reigns.

After lunch David teaches about 300 men that the Word of God is powerful and that just one verse can change lives.

Vicki taught around 600 women that God loves them so much that He gave His life for them, and He is coming back for His bride, the church. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and we will be His queen!

Our God Reigns!

Joey and Ian working with around 400 youth. They do a wonderful job of connecting with the kids!

After our separate session for women, men, and children it’s time for baptisms to begin. The baptismal doesn’t have very much water in it, but the pastors make it work. Pastor Chilemba and Pastor Matthews Chilemba (no relation) pray before beginning.

Pastor Samuel and women, along with Pastor Richard observing.

All of the women were baptized first, then children, then men. Over 200 were baptized! Glory to God.

Pastors pray again after all are baptized. What a glorious day!

Joey plays “Red Light, Green Light” with children, only they don’t understand traffic lights, so it is now “Stop and Go.”

The evening started around 8 o’clock, because of the heat.

I was very tired and not looking forward to such a late service, after a few songs and choirs performed, my attitude changed. We were celebrating the baptisms. Each of us gave a short testimony about how our lives changed after baptism and what it meant to us. We got home before 10 and I slept well.

We are looking forward to getting home. It’s been a very long trip, a blessing, but all the same — we miss you and our comfortable beds! I’m already thinking about what I’m packing and what I’m leaving here. It’s hard to take everything when there is so much need here, but we also have to think wisely about what we can leave, what gifts we can give, and how to distribute them.

Tomorrow is the grand opening of the “big, new church.” God is good!~

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