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Graduation Day has arrived and students must pass their final exam in order to receive their certificate. It’s a busy morning for classes and after lunch break they will have their exam. First thing we do after eating our lunch is stop at the Peace and Love Supermarket to get gifts for translators. They each get a loaf of bread, a bag of salt, and a bag of sugar along with a couple of personal gifts from each of us.

Peace and Love Supermarket.

We made bags for the translators’ gifts.

David and I took a quick look at the port. Afterward we went through the marketplace to shop for gifts for our translators, then back to class.

The Shire River is lovely, however, I believe crossing the border here could be frowned upon. Many people do it everyday to shop and visit Mozambique.

It’s hard to believe that in a few hours Bible School will be over. We will distribute the certificates, hand out the additional Bibles, give gifts for the wives of the pastors, and take a class picture.

Two hours after the graduation party the annual conference will begin. Joey kicks off the conference with a powerful message from when Jesus walked on water. “Our God Reigns” is the theme and you will get a picture of the lovely banner we brought from Colorado. Saturday morning David preaches and then in the afternoon he teaches about 300 men, Joey and Ian will have from 300-400 children, and I will be speaking to 600 women. We brought 600 Burger King Crowns and 600 necklaces. Please pray for all of us as these are large numbers to minister to. If it goes as well as the prison visit, we will be more than pleased. God is good and always faithful!

After these sessions, the baptisms begin! Pastor says to expect over 200. Then each of us will tell the congregation how our lives changed after we accepted Christ and were baptized. That will end a busy Saturday. Sunday morning I will give a farewell talk to our friends in Malawi. After lunch we will pack up to be ready to go to Blantyre on Monday morning. I may not get opportunity to send any more updates until we get home. Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for our mission to be a sweet aroma, pleasing to God.

Students prepare for the final exam.

But first, we have dramas to perform. This is the conversion of Saul on the road to Damascus.

The students added the stoning of Stephen, making the story even more compelling!

Having passed the exams and receiving certificates, it’s time to party!

Graduation picture.

The conference begins late because of the heat. We begin well after eight o’clock.

Conference begins with opening praise team singing.

The church is filling up.

It’s been a long day. We got back to the hotel around 9:30. Pastor says he will pick us up at 9:00 in the morning. All I know is that today confirmed the fact that we are supposed to be here. As we congratulated each student, some of them had tears in their eyes as they thanked us for their certificate. For some of these students it has been their first experience in a classroom. Thanks to all of the Malawi Support Team for making this happen. You have made dreams come true today. God is glorified and it is all about HIM!!

Such a busy day and tomorrow will be just as busy. Whew! But, all in all, we look forward to the busiest day of our journey tomorrow. So much is on the agenda. Again, David will begin by preaching on the theme of the conference, “Our God Reigns.” Then he will teach some 300 men, Ian and Joey will have 300-400 children, and I will be teaching 600 women. Afer that pastor tells us that we will baptize over 200 new believers. At the evening service each of us will tell how we have changed since we gave our lives to Jesus. Pray for everyone here. Many have traveled miles and across borders to join us. Until tomorrow …. Blessings!

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