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Some days are so busy that I didn’t write much of an update, but as someone once said, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Just for fun, today’s update will be done in just pictures and captions.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” (an American idiom).

Jesus replied, “Go back and tell John the Baptist what you hear and what you see”
(Matthew 9:33).

Day 4 of Classes
Today is Thursday.

Students notice the step into the small classroom is uncomfortable for me, so they built a second step. So helpful! I never mentioned it to them, they just saw David help me up that step earlier in the day.

Joey teaching while Ian reviews for his next class. Today they taught Joshua, Gideon, Weak King Saul and Brave King David.

David loved watching the African Guinea Hens. He’s never seen them in America! You can see that the African ones have unique markings.

Vicki moves the Gift of Prophecy class outside because there is no power. In late afternoon the small class room is too hot without the fan!

David teaching Sermon Prep and Practice Class, using skits and costumes.

This shows the top of a mosquito net in one of the small rooms that sleep four men.

The same room showing two mats, the bottom of one net, and the students’ bags.

Two women and two men cook for all the students.

They also wash all the dishes!

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