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It is our first Saturday in Nsanje, July 28, 2018. We arrived at the new big church in the morning after eating breakfast in our rooms. Workers are madly finishing the outside front porch. As soon as we drove up, Mama Chilemba welcomed us. She had a cast on her arm, so I think she broke it. John said no, it’s just a sprain, but I don’t think you put a cast on a sprain. Things often get lost in translation. She was very cheerful and looked good considering her accident. She fell at a friend’s house near the church three nights before.

Finishing touches on the front entrance.

Since it was so dark last night we got another tour of the ‘new big church’ which we found very interesting. When we first walked in I had glanced over at the concrete stage and cringed. I said to David, “I’ll never get up those stairs.” There were two steps from eight to ten inches tall, and I knew I couldn’t get up them. It was a concern, but I didn’t say anthing to the pastor. After we toured the church, all of us went out to a smaller building to inspect the room where David and Joey would be teaching the advanced students most of the time. Only a few minutes later we walked back into the ‘new big church’ (as they call it). To my amazement the two steps up to the stage were now four small doable steps! I mean, it could not have been more than fifteen minutes! Evidently someone noticed my concern and took care of it.

Outside the church Joey, Ian, David, and John (Pastor Chilemba’s son) showed the children how to play rock, paper, scissors. It was a blessing to watch them interface with these precious children. The game was also new to John, but he caught on quickly.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Next they play head and shoulders, knees and toes!

Ian, Joey, John and children playing Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Later we visited Nyamithuthu, a small village outside Nsanje. Pastor Mthyola is the pastor. The congregation had their church service today instead of Sunday because we were here. First they sang praises to the Lord, then prayed. Pastor Chilemba invited each of us to speak for a couple of minutes. After that I got another surprise. Yes, Pastor Chilemba announced that I would now give them a message from the Word of God. Praise God, He is giving me experiences I did not expect! I didn’t have time to panic. God never fails and I did a short teaching on John, chapter one, where John talks about God giving us the right to become His children.

The children’s choir sings for their congregation in this tiny church. You can see Ian in the background.

After a beautiful church service we were invited to stay for lunch. I’ve never eaten rice with my fingers, but didn’t take long to master that talent! Lunch ended and the guys took a tour of a home in the small settlement. They met several people along the way. Pastor Mussa Sheha and John Chilemba led the tour ending up at the Shire River.

At the Shire River. L-R, Joey, John, Mussa, and Ian.

I visited with several pastors wives while the guys did the tour. Once we got back to Nsanje we spent time preparing for Sunday and getting used to our accomodations.

Joey plays catch with Elisha, our dear, sweet, hotel employee.

Joey and Ian teaching hotel employee to play catch.

I’m so pleased to see all the interaction with local people. God’s love is a beautiful thing to share! Blessings.


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