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At the conference. Much dancing and celebration.

Pastor Chilemba wastes nothing. As long as he had three teachers from America, he was going to make full use of our time. We were scheduled to teach two five day weeks, but that soon changed. Pastor Chilemba scheduled a church-wide
conference for the weekend. Attendees would be arriving Friday night and I was chosen to kick off the conference with a message to encourage them. After traveling all day, I knew many of them would be very tired. Since I’m not particularly fond of watching people sleep during my messages, I decided to make it short. “How to be Saved and Know It” took twenty minutes to present. After I spoke, Charleeda made an altar call. Then we were swept away to our hotel – before we got to see how many came forward. Pastor told us the next day that several children came forward! Praise God, they would get baptized!

The next morning Mary Beth started off the morning with an inspiring message.

Mary Beth addressed conference with Pastor Julius translating.

After a short lunch, we regathered to crown the women with glory and celebrate God’s blessings!

The women ‘adorned by God.’

The next order of the day was baptism!

Mary Beth observes baptisms.

Dancing and celebration followed baptisms. We were overjoyed that there were 150 baptisms that day! Sunday morning Charleeda gave a powerful message. Soon the conference would end.

Charleeda addresses conference with Pastor Webster translating.

After Charleeda spoke, several dance groups from different parts of Malawi and Mozambique took the stage. These dancers know how to celebrate the love of God! The beautiful music, clothing, and dancing revived us. What an inspiring way to end the conference!

One of the many dance groups celebrating God’s glory!

Another dance team!

The conference ended and everyone gathered for a group picture! One of my treasures.

Last day of the conference. Good-bye dear friends, until we meet again.

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