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Business in Blantyre

Pastor Chilemba and his son, John, picked us up at the airport with a van and a driver. After we made introductions and loaded our luggage, we packed in and made our way through the city. Blantyre is the commercial center of the country. It is a busy city with many people doing business and traveling about. Cars and trucks fill the city streets (and they are all driving on the wrong side of the road – but as long as they are all doing it, it works). Mary Beth had made reservations for our first night in Blantyre because we planned to spend the entire next day shopping for supplies that we couldn’t bring. The ride from the airport was most interesting with sights of business and homes from very nice to shabby. We went from pavement to potholes and a very rough dirt road.

Since Mary Beth is a missionary kid, raised in South America, and has been on missions all over the world, she made our reservations. When we pulled into Game Haven Lodge, my heart skipped a beat. It appeared to be a resort!! Not only that, Mary Beth said that animals come to feed and drink from the nearby lake!

My first night in Africa

Then as we drove into the property, the Lord gave us His favor by treating us to a spectacular African sunset. It was the only sunset I saw in Africa.

African Sunset

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