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The aircraft seating was three sets of three seats across in coach

Misgivings about flying Ethiopian Airlines vanished as the flight attendants served a delicious meal soon after we took off. I had already pleasantly experienced wider seats and more leg room than any domestic flight than I have flown in the last ten years! The flight attendants gave us so much attention that I felt absolutely spoiled. After flying to DC on United, then sleeping on the floor at Dulles, I was ready for some pampering and this was going to be a long flight.

The flight attendants spoiled us

Mary Beth ate the meal served, and then asked the flight attendants why first class got Ethiopian food instead of the chicken and beef meals served in coach. The flight attendant smiled and told her that she could have what first class got if she went to the galley – which she did! I joined her and we reveled in the most delicious Ethiopian fare!

Charleeda drew the middle seat and slept most of the flight. Because our seats were situated in the center of the aircraft, both Mary Beth and I had aisle seats. Mary Beth slept some, but I couldn’t. We landed in Lilongwe, Malawi and took off again for Blantyre and still no sleep for Vicki. It had to be the excitement of going to Africa as a missionary. Every time I closed my eyes I had visions of Paul and his missionary journeys into the unknown and unexpected. He was sometimes greeted, sometimes threatened, sometimes shipwrecked, sometimes stoned. So I was stepping out into unknown territory and had no idea what to expect. According to Charleeda and Mary Beth everything would go fine and I should relax. After all, they had been there the year before and they survived.

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