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Women “Adorned By God”

Taking all the items we wanted to bless the people with, over and above our teaching materials, required precision packing. Each of us took two large bags with teaching items for classes, gifts for women and helpers, gifts for the women’s conference day, gifts for the children and wives of the sixty-five pastors attending Bible School, our food, clothes, lanterns, computer, and more. Every gift had been personally gift bagged and inspected for appropriateness. The people in Malawi treasure everything we leave with them. We made it our goal to make each gift meaningful and enjoyable.

The children’s bag consisted of punch balls, bracelets, whistles, stickers, jumping frogs, and balls. The bags for helpers (women who cooked and did laundry) included lotion, fragrance, and a piece of jewelry. Then we packed the items for the women at the conference. Pastor Chilemba told us we could teach the women on Saturday afternoon and we planned to teach them about being adorned by God. Burger King donated 150 crowns, we purchased 150 plastic gold necklaces, 150 adjustable rings, and 170 scarves were donated by our faithful donors and prayer partners. In addition, we purchased a beautiful cross for the church.

A weight limit of 50 pounds per bag and six bags gave us 300 pounds to work with. It took planning and an extra meeting – which was difficult because the three of us live at opposite ends of the Denver Metro area – to share and repack, but we successfully met all requirements. The bags weighed in at 49.5 to 50 pounds even and we were finally on our way!

To be continued . . .

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