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The Legacy available in audio format

The Legacy available in audio format

Who reveals Lyza Lane’s secret? Find out how her father reacts to the news that his legacy is in danger. Lyza’s world turns upside down more than once. David stands by Lyza, but is he the man God chose for her?

What changes Leesa Lane from the sweet little sister to a no-holds-barred corporate mogul? Her dreams for Kramer’s Island crumble before her eyes. The love of her life rejects her, sending her on a downhill spiral.

What tragedy ends Lawrence’s thirty-five years of faithful marriage? Will Cook’s faith remain strong? And what happens when Chuck O’Malley shows up in LA?

I am excited to announce that The Legacy, book two of the Lane Trilogy is now available on audio.com. It is available in whisper sync. Click here for more information.

Besides The Legacy, you can get Lyza’s Story, book one of the Lane Trilogy and On Our Own in Jerusalem’s Old City in the same format. Enjoy!

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