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St. Peter's

St. Peter’s

Father Pierre Fiset, parish priest in Cheticamp from 1875 to his death in 1909 had the vision to build a church near the harbor. He began his project by establishing an annual levy in the 1880’s to raise money for the construction of the new church. It became a community effort. Sandstone building materials donated by the Robin Company were quarried at the north end of Cheticamp Island, then ferried across the ice to the building site. Winters are very cold in Cheticamp. The salt water harbor freezes five feet thick.

The rose window, the stone medallion engraved with St. Peter’s keys, some of the stone steps, the altar, and the bell from the old outside belfry, were used in the new church. Parishioners donated wood, mortar and their labor, and after the levy ended, even their fishing catches, towards the construction. Father Fiset donated his considerable energy and some of his own funds to the project. He succeeded in building an imposing and beautiful church which has become a landmark in northern Cape Breton. It is a monument to his efforts, he was buried in a crypt beneath the church.

Inside St. Peter's Church

Inside St. Peter’s Church


For a better look at the exquisite handiwork throughout St. Peter’s Church, click here.

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