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Vicki and David with shoebox packed with gifts

Vicki and David with shoebox packed with gifts

Giving…it’s the best way to celebrate the season! I know it’s a little early for Christmas. But if you want to get involved in Operation Christmas Child, the time is now. Pack a shoebox to be sent to a child far away. Shoeboxes are needed for boys and girls from ten to fourteen. Younger children usually are favored, so consider sending to the older child. You can pack school supplies, tools, shirts, dresses, socks, underwear, toothbrushes, toys, and anything you think that child would like.

David packed our shoeboxes and I was impressed at how much he could get into them. I know that whoever gets the ones he packed will be happily surprised!

Click here on what to send and how to get involved in Operation Christmas Child.

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Cheticamp is a French speaking Acadian fishing village. We spent an evening listening to Sylvia play the guitar and sing. This Acadian woman inspired us with Acadian and French songs. We learned a little bit about the history of the Acadians and some of the customs. She blessed us.

Behind her you can see the Acadian flag. The flag looks a lot like France because Acadians wanted to proclaim that they are French and that France is their motherland. However, the Acadians wanted their children to remember their heritage by adding the yellow star to the blue section. The star represents the star of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Click here for information about the history of the Acadian flag.

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