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Do you remember the toys from your childhood? I sure do.

The Vermont Toy and Train Museum is a nice collection of toys for kids young and old to view.

This wonderful collection of more than 100,000 toys is the result of one man’s dream and 30 years of dedication to share the preservation of our toy heritage and the importance that toys play in our lives.  Visitors (both local and international) return year after year to rediscover and share their childhood memories with family and friends.  The decades melt away in the presence of displays from metal to wind-ups, TV toys, lunch boxes, cap guns, Star Wars, and Barbies.  A day does not go by that we don’t hear people say with laughter, “I had one of those!”


The museum is free to tour but the amusement rides charge a minimal fee. It is located in Quechee, Vermont. If you are planning a vacation, this might be a fun place to check out.

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