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Amazing races would make great scenes in a novel.

The Iditarod is a grueling race in Alaska that takes place in late winter. The race was won in March, 2014 by musher Dallas Seavey in 8 days, 13 hours, 4 minutes and 19 seconds. He finished with seven dogs in. The second place finisher, musher Aliy Zirkle finished two minutes later with ten dogs in. That must have been an amazing race to have watched.

The 2014 race was marked by wild weather conditions and the top two placers pushing to the finish line.

When Dallas crossed the finish line, he appeared surprised to actually win. I overheard him say that he thought he was racing his dad for 3rd place. Only once in the finish he realized what was happening. Upon arrival he was exhausted and needed to catch his breath for a few minutes, that is how hard he worked. A mere 2 minutes later Aliy Zirkle pulled into the finish chute, both teams parking side by side. The finish chute was a busy place with handlers of both teams who made sure the dogs got nice, meaty snacks. The fans had 2 mushers to cheer on! This finish, matter of fact this whole crazy race, will be long remembered for its adverse conditions. While the whole trip had been difficult, Aliy mentioned that this last run was the most demanding of all of the runs with the intense winds.

And this race is far from over for many mushers still battling the harsh conditions.

Below a few pictures from tonight. Enjoy!


Dallas sprinting to the finish line.

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