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Alaskan Wildlife


Have you ever seen a grizzly bear with two cubs? This happened to us when we were touring Denali National Park. When the bears appeared, all buses stopped for a good look at these amazing creatures. This little family was on their way to lunch, which consisted of some type of rodent that had run down into its hole. We watched as the mother bear dug out the hole and taught the little ones to do the same. Grizzly bear cubs are a lot like human children. They took a couple of swipes of dirt from the hole, then began fussing at each other. They ended up playing together and rolling the rest of the way down the hill, while mother bear continued her project. So much for catching food lessons!


Everyone on our bus took lots of pictures. There was so much to see that at times one had to decide whether to experience the moment or to grab the camera and start snapping pictures. Just making that decision sometimes took long enough for the opportune moment to fly by. So many scenes, such little time!


Another scene of Denali National Park.


Sometimes the daddy grizzly will follow the mother and babies from a distance.


We saw many types of wildlife. The sure-footed Alaskan Dall Sheep live at the higher elevations.


Leaving Denali National Forest you can see the beautiful landscape all around us. Even the bus driver is taking pictures. What an amazing experience!




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