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The Vermont Country Store has been sending me catalogues for over twenty years. Every once and a while I order something. Not often enough to rate so much attention, but I have to admit that their catalogues are fun to peruse. When our tour bus pulled up to the Vermont Country Store I overcame my slightly sarcastic attitude (we’re stopping here??) and actually enjoyed shopping the store. David thought this old pickup was pretty neat and asked me to take his picture. I asked him to pose on the hood as an antique hood ornament, but he refused.

Turns out, The Vermont Country Store is a great place to visit.


Loved this old post office on the corner. It reminded me of when I lived in Brule, Nebraska. However, I don’t remember the  street being paved in Brule.


This park was so inviting. You can’t enjoy a sunny fall afternoon any more than slushing through the leaves to a quiet park bench underneath a gold tree.


Gazeboes are among my favorite things. We saw many different kinds throughout our tour. I just got back from Savannah, Georgia and there was one just across from the house where we stayed. I watched people posing for pictures throughout the week. It must have been prom, because everyone was dressed to the teeth. It looked like weddings were happening with limos stopping for the photo shoots, then loading up and heading for who knows where. Evidently gazeboes are great for photo shoots. The one pictured is in Vermont.

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