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palmsunday Today is the day we celebrate Your Son’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Lord, we praise You. On that day crowds spread palm branches before the Kings of Kings. Today we lay our grateful hearts before You. Lord, we praise You. The whole earth is filled with awe at Your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, You call forth songs of joy. Lord, we praise You. You care for the land and water it; You enrich it abundantly. Lord, we praise You. You crown the year with Your bounty, and our carts overflow with abundance. Lord, we praise You. The grasslands of the prairies overflow, the hills are clothed with gladness. Lord, we praise You. The spring flowers burst forth throughout the land, cheering our hearts and proclaiming Your glory, they shout for joy and sing! Lord, we praise You. May all the earth shout praises to You as we prepare for Your return. May every tree raise its branches to praise You. May every wave of the roaring seas praise You. May every plant and blade of grass stretch toward Heaven to praise You. May every living soul praise You. May the Rocky Mountains cry out to join our praises to You, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Lord, we praise You. Hosanna! Hosanna! Come quickly, Lord Jesus, Amen.

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