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Today I thought it would be fun to share a little bit on the history of Martha’s Vineyard Campmeeting. It is a great place to visit and who knows it might end up as a setting in a future book of mine.

This article discusses more about the history of the campground. There are a number of photos of what it looked like over a hundred years ago. You can see pictures of the buildings, patrons, and even the water pump.


The first campmeeting in what became known as Wesleyan Grove was held in 1835.      In subsequent years the congregations grew enormously, and many of the thousands in    attendance were housed in large tents known as “society tents.”   A    congregation from a church on the mainland would maintain its own society    tent.   Conditions were cramped, with men and women sleeping dormitory-style on    opposite sides of a central canvas divider.   Society tents were arranged in a    semicircle on Trinity Park. 

Over time, families began leasing small lots on    which to pitch their own individual tents.   In the 1860s and 1870s, the family    tents were rapidly replaced with permanent wooden cottages.   At one time there    were about 500 cottages; today there are just over 300. Click here to learn more.


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