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The parks in and around Jerusalem are worth visiting. There is so much history to be discovered. One such park is Hurbad Sa’adim. It is a beautiful place.

Hurbat Sa’adim (Sa’adim Ruin), which is in the mountains of Jerusalem, offers those who visit it many ancient trees and archeological remains. All of this is beyond the fact that the Sa’adim Ruin is a popular site which offers many pleasant shaded picnic areas.
From here one can also leave on hikes around the area, including to the famous
Shvil HaMa’ayanot (the Springs Trail).  Sa’adim Ruin itself includes a few ancient structures which served in the Byzantine period as a local monastery, a wine press and water cisterns. Because Sa’adim Ruin was once considered sacred, some large and impressive oak and carob trees still stand here. Click here to read all about this ancient place.

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I am having a contest here at Vicki Andree Books. It runs from September 23-September 29, 2013.

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