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Ice sculptures are beautiful. It is an art form that is growing in popularity. There are ice and snow sculpturing contests and displays around the world during the winter.

The temperature of the environment affects how quickly the piece must be completed to avoid the effects of melting; if the sculpting does not take place in a cold environment, then the sculptor must work quickly to finish his piece. Some sculptures can be completed in as little as ten minutes if the carver is using power tools such as chainsaws and specialty bits fitted to a die grinder.

Ice sculptors also use razor-sharp chisels and hand saws that are specifically designed for cutting ice. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.

There is even a National Ice Carving Association in Illinois.

Ice sculptures on a smaller scale are used for fancy events, weddings, or in restaurants. I have included ice sculptures in my second novel. What important part did ice sculptures play in The Legacy? Click here to learn more.

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