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Some years ago I took the train from Bavaria to Zurich. Impressed by the European trains and their efficient schedules, I enjoyed every minute of the trip. It was September and chilly, there was snow, but not enough to stop me from exploring Switzerland.

This link provides a view from Bavaria similar to what I saw.

Click here to watch a quick tour of Zurich.

For you history buffs, I found this bit of writing trivia interesting.

An important event in the early 14th century was the completion of the Manesse Codex, a key source of medieval German poetry. The famous illuminated manuscript – described as “the most beautifully illumined German manuscript in centuries; – was commissioned by the Manesse family of Zurich, copied and illustrated in the city at some time between 1304 and 1340. Producing such a work was a highly expensive prestige project, requiring several years work by highly skilled scribes and miniature painters, and it clearly testifies to the increasing wealth and pride of Zurich citizens in this period. Click here to learn more.

If you are planning a trip to Zurich, I hope the information in this post was helpful.

As a writer, I used Zurich as a setting for my character Lyza. Click here to learn more.

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I’m hosting a contest here at Vicki Andree Books July 11-17.

Please follow my blog to be entered into the contest. A drawing will be held after the contest to choose the winner. The prize is a copy of my book, The Legacy.

Thank you.

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