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June Contest

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The prize for this contest is a copy of my book Lyza’s Story.


Traveling from Sedona



Driving south from Sedona we took in the wild life.



Lovely wild flowers and saguaro cactus made the drive interesting.


I loved this picture with the three saguaro cactus.


Native birds such as Gila woodpeckers, purple martins, house finches, and gilded flickers live inside holes in saguaros. Flickers excavate larger holes higher on the stem. The nest cavity is deep, the parents and young entirely hidden from view. The saguaro creates callus tissue on the wound. When the saguaro dies and its soft flesh rots, the callus remains behind as a so-called “saguaro boot,” which was used by natives for storage. Click here for more information on this fascinating cactus.


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