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I am hosting a contest on my blog May 7-21. Please leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for my book Lyza’s Story.

Every time you leave a comment you are automatically entered into the contest. So leave as many as you would like.


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Helping with archeological project in Israel, was a highlight for me during my visit a few years ago.

I recently read this article that focuses on an ancient Hebrew tablet found in 2000. The interesting thing about this tablet is it is written in ink on limestone. I hope you enjoy this look back into history.

An ancient limestone tablet covered with a mysterious Hebrew text that features the archangel Gabriel is at the center of a new exhibit in Jerusalem, even as scholars continue to argue about what it means.

The so-called Gabriel Stone, a meter (three-foot)-tall tablet said to have been found 13 years ago on the banks of the Dead Sea, features 87 lines of an unknown prophetic text dated as early as the first century BC, at the time of the Second Jewish Temple.

Scholars see it as a portal into the religious ideas circulating in the Holy Land in the era when was Jesus was born. Its form is also unique — it is ink written on stone, not carved — and no other such religious text has been found in the region. Click here to read this interesting article.

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