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Daytona Beach


Daytona Beach is an area that is rich in history.


Famous explorer Ponce de Leon, during his 1513 search for the Fountain of Youth discovered the now-popular DeLeon Springs, located just west of Daytona Beach. The city is named after Matthias Day, a tycoon from the north. John D. Rockefeller made his winter home there. While Jackie Robinson played his first integrated ball game there. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune founded Bethune-Cookman College, now Bethune-Cookman University. She started the school in 1905 to educate the daughters of African-American railroad workers. Click here to read more.

Daytona Beach is also known for its NASCAR history and car racing. Here is a clip from an event in 1951.

Note how the race had progressed in this 1957 clip.


My husband and I recently visited Daytona Beach. We had a lovely time. I would recommend the area for a great vacation.


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I will be at a book signing on April 13, from 11 am-1 pm at

Mardel Christian and Education Bookstore

4887 S Wadsworth Way

Littleton, CO 80123

Hope to see you there.

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