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I’m so excited.
This review is from: Lyza’s Story: Book One of The Lane Trilogy (Paperback)

Lyza’s Story is the first installment in The Lane Trilogy (the others being The Legacy: Book Two of The Lane Trilogy and Leesa’s Story: Book Three of The Lane Trilogy). The author deftly crafts the main characters with detail, depth, and believability, wrapped up as they initially are in a lush material world of power, possessions, and prestige — yet with precious little in spiritual awareness or practice. Gradually Lyza¬†becomes better acquainted with her Jewish heritage and a loving God, Who nurtures her with unfathomable Love through an unforeseeable crisis and awakens her faith, opening her eyes to the true treasures in life which cannot be measured in the summation of successful business deals, bling, or designer fashions. Further, the author leads Lyza¬†gently through an exploration of how her faith intertwines inextricably with Christianity and begins to explore how the belief systems are more compatible than one might initially think. I eagerly look forward to reading what awaits Lyza and her family as the trilogy continues!


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