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Oreo’s are so yummy. I used them as a dessert of choice in one of the chapters of my book, Lyza’s Story.

Did you know that the Oreo cookie has been around for over one hundred years? The history of the Oreo cookie is an interesting one. Oreo Cookies were orginally sold for twenty-five cents a pound and came in a cool can with a glass top. The lemon variety from the 1920’s did not fare so well economically and the company pulled it from the market. Oreo’s have a world-wide distribution with China being one of its best markets. In China a hollow wafer type cookie is sold. The cookie can be used like a straw to in which to sip milk. Click here to read more about the history of this fun cookie.

If you prefer “cookie” click here and watch this movie. Preferably while you eat cookies.

The Oreo influence has even hit football and the Manning family.




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