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Hello Readers,

Part of the adventure in traveling is enjoying different foods in another country. One night as exhaustedly returning to the hotel, we stopped for a nice meal in a local restaurant. We chose the salad bar to get in some veggies, and David offered to bring back a plate for me while I washed up. This is the plate he brought back for me. I am a very visual person when it comes to food and sarcastically asked, “What is that plastic looking stuff?” He said it must be a local thing, but he knew that I like color, so he thought we should try it.


Well, to me it should at least look edible, but I can close my eyes if I have to. I decided he should go first. He tried a bite and then I tried a bite and we both agreed it tasted even worse than it looks. It is some kind of pickled cauliflower just in case you are wondering. I like pickles, but this was over the top. Sometimes they served cold fish on the breakfast buffet. I drew the line there too. The bread on the other hand, was wonderful in Jerusalem and we often made a meal of bread we picked up from a street vendor on the way back the Gloria Hotel.


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