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Contest Winner


The winner of the contest I held on my blog last week is Rick Mallery. His prize is my¬†book, Lyza’s Story.

Rick, would you please leave your email in the comment section so I can contact you. Your information will not be published.

Thank you.


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This week I will be sharing highlights from my book launch party.

My new friend, Joyce, enjoyed signing the launch party guest book by typing her name using this typewriter from the 1930’s. It’s a Royal 10 and works like a charm after David reconditioned it a few nights ago. The typewriter spent the last few years hiding out in the basement, but I had to bring it to the launch party.


I often wonder if many books were launched by it. I remember learning how to type on something much like it. There was no backspace key and it was before whiteout. Oh, yes, carbon copies were a nightmare. Comment if you remember typing on a manual typewriter!

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