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I hope your week has gone well and that you were able to accomplish everything you had hoped. Today we will be focusing on the master course stone under the Western Wall is huge. It is located under the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

This is a picture I took during our tour of this stone in Israel.


When Herod doubled the size of the Old Testament Temple Mount he expanded to the north, to the south and to the west. The walls along the west side were set on the bedrock. The west wall of the Temple Mount’s retaining wall is 1,591 feet long, making it the longest of the four Temple Mount walls. In 70 AD the Romans completely destroyed the Temple, the Temple Mount buildings, and most of the Temple Mount wall except for the lower portions that were buried in the rubble from the debris of the dismantled Temple precincts and walls above. Click here to read more and to view some amazing pictures.


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