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This week I am featuring several posts on the Chain of Generations Tour from our trip to Israel. This tour contains a lot of history of Israel along with its culture.

This is a picture of my husband, David, touching the names of fallen soldiers of the war of independence in 1948 –
this is the last exhibit on the Chain of Generations Tour.


In the nineteenth century, the most distinguished Jerusalem scholars were already trying to determine the precise measurements of the Western Wall and describe the methods used in its construction.
However, their information was incomplete, mainly because they were unable to discover the wall’s entire length. Nevertheless, British researchers Charles Wilson, in 1864 and Charles Warren, in 1867-1870, uncovered the northern extension of the Western Wall Prayer Plaza. The shafts that Charles Warren dug through Wilson’s Arch can still be seen today. Immediately after the Six Day War, the Ministry of Religious Affairs began the project of exposing the entire length of the Western Wall.
It was a difficult operation, which involved digging beneath residential neighborhoods that had been constructed on ancient structures from the Second Temple period and were built up against the Western Wall. Some residents used underground spaces as water holes or for sewage collection.  The excavations required close supervision by experts in the fields of structural engineering, securing subterranean tunnels, archeology, and of course, Jewish Law. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article and learn more.


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