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This blog was written last April after a trip to Seattle. I discovered that I had never published it, so decided to move it out of draft status and add that trip’s connection to my fictional series, The Lane Trilogy.  I couldn’t do it very well without revealing some of the people and scenes in the books. In any case, here’s what happened.

Just got back from three days in Seattle. The sun shone brightly and I took a two-hour Argosy cruise around Lake Washington. It got so warm with the bright sun beating down on the back of my neck I took to the enclosed area downstairs for relief. From there I could take pictures through the glass and enjoy the cool breeze through the room.

I was doing research for my fictional series, The Lane Trilogy, and came up with a great scene where Leesa tells her friend that everyone in Seattle is a part of a conspiracy.  And the lie they are telling is that the weather is always cloudy and rainy in Seattle. Leesa believes everyone is lying about the weather here because every time she visited the Space Needle City, the weather was like it was the day I was there.

Bright sun, white, fluffy clouds against an azure sky with temperatures in the late sixties, this  could be mistaken for a Hawaiian vacation. There’s certainly enough greenery everywhere, with rain forests a stone’s throw away! In any case, Leesa is convinced that Seattleites keep their secret in order to discourage Californians from relocating there. I tend to agree with Leesa because I’ve had the exact same experience!

The rest of my research centered on Leese’s good friend, Gil Bates, who lives on the banks of Lake Washington. He’s a big shot like her father and he often lends his eighty-five foot yacht, The Winsome, to Leesa and friends. Gil’s happily married, smart, energetic, and generous to a fault. He’s also in on the conspiracy.

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