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Me and Lyza

After three years of following the Lane twins, Leesa and Lyza, through the ups and downs of their fabulously wealthy lives, it’s time to share the story of how they came into this world. I have to admit telling their secrets seems a bit daunting, but at last I feel up for the challenge.
First of all, I met my first fictional character, Lyza Lane, back when she was a wealthy young woman with a passion for her father’s business and an even greater passion for power. Her hunger for power and recognition from her father drove her to success. Often, I had to ask myself how she could fail with Lawrence Lane for a father and a life of privilege. And when I compared our circumstances, I had to acknowledge that she and I were worlds apart. I grew up poor. She attended the private schools in California and lived a life pampered by her nanny.
On the other hand, I grew up in small Nebraska towns and remember walking the six blocks to Washington Elementary School in the dead of winter. On one particular day the blizzard winds blew so strong that I could barely see where I was going. I can still see the wet snow caked on my red woolen gloves as I beat on the door of our basement apartment for Mom to come to the door.
Lyza graduated from Stanford University and I dropped out of Kearney State Teachers College after my second semester. She interned at her father’s conglomerate and I got married and had children. From the outside one would say that Lyza Lane and I had nothing in common.
That supposing would be very wrong. As most girls do, Lyza craved the attention of her busy father. He was running a world wide conglomerate and testing international financial markets. My father kept busy working for the Federal Aviation Agency and providing groceries for his wife and three girls. All three of us girls wanted Dad’s attention.
Lawrence owned private jets; my father flew a small plane that he shared ownership with two other men. Lyza got to use the corporate jets. Dad let me fly the Cessna 170 for my twelfth birthday.
Then there were Lyza’s fears. Everyone has them. Her fears were the farthest thing that could have ever happened to her. My fears happened.

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