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Shema Israel

Last night I watched Lesley Stahl’s report on the excavation site at the City of David in Jerusalem on 60 Minutes. I thought it was a new program, but unfortunately it got political. From then on it was the same old program. The more she talked, the more offended I got. Her obvious anti-Semitism gleamed like a train roaring through a darkened tunnel. My letter to CBS was not complimentary. Any time talk of dividing Jerusalem arises I tend to lose it. Recent history (1948-1967) proved that even in our modern world, a divided Jerusalem is not a peaceful Jerusalem. 

On the other hand, I thought the mayor of Jerusalem made some good points in spite of Ms. Stahl’s attacks; most importantly, that the Jews will never give up Jerusalem. I stand with Israel. There is only one Jerusalem. Let the others have their Mecca’s and their Medina’s, but leave Jerusalem for the Jews. They were given the land, not once, but twice; once by God Himself, and once by the Brits (who obviously thought they took God’s place). Immediately after the Brits pulled out Israel was attacked and had to defend themselves. East Jerusalem was snatched from them, yet they faithfully stayed and in 1967 finally got their own land back through another war. Since then the world amputates a little piece of their land each year in the name of political peace. Has giving land made any difference? Then what’s difference; why give any more?

Last week my daughter-in-law’s parents sent me this beautiful wood plaque, the Star of David. Her father, Gene made it and engraved the words, Shema Israel, on it. Hear (and do) Oh Israel, for the Lord your God is One God. The world must understand that Israel does not stand alone, but stands with God, Creator and Sustainer of the universe and everything in it.

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